How long does it take to implement NetSuite?

This is the whole point of the “CFO meet up”, after work that we organize in the form of a round table. This monthly meeting involves two speakers and brings together CFOs from growing startups or SMEs with the aim of freely discussing key topics for Financial Departments. On March 6, 2018 , CFOs of Habited and Dig mind, respectively, shared their feedback on ERP. The opportunity to clarify essential points such as the strengths of these platforms, the selection criteria, the budget to be expected. In short, everything you need to know to see more clearly!

CFO of Sharma before joining more tech companies it was in February 2017 that he became CFO of Habit, the platform that digitizes real estate developers. They have just completed their third fundraising of 6 million euros and will expand internationally.

Experts know the entrepreneurial ecosystem and its challenges well. After having been in the Financial Department of and NUMA, as well as founder of Trend pop, he joined Dig mind in early 2018, the leader in Social Media Monitoring, e-reputation and strategic watch solutions. Founded in 1998, this startup now has more than 150 employees in several countries around the world.

DEFINITION & USE – What is an ERP and why set it up?

The NetSuite Implementation can be seen as a hub through which all the current information of a company passes. It is a management tool made up of modules (purchasing, sales, payroll, accounting, stocks, e-commerce, etc.) which will centralize, monitor and standardize the entire information system. Setting up this type of software internally will considerably simplify the daily life of the teams, optimize overall performance and costs! 

The issue of NetSuite app goes hand in hand with growth. Indeed, small structures will generally first be managed using specialized tools or simple Excel tables, before installing an NETSUITE as they grow and become more complex. For Raphael, the need arises when “disorder arrives and reconciliation becomes more difficult! “.

THE REASONS – What issues lead to the adoption of an NETSUITE?

During their various experiences, the reasons that prompted to ask themselves the question of an Suite Commerce were much correlated with the state of progress of the company. Alderman is already 10 years old and has 300 employees. When I arrived, the need was to have a global vision of the company’s situation in real time. The prism is changing at Habited, the structure being smaller but growing with a particular objective of opening up to the international market. “NETSUITE is becoming essential to support our development! 

When I arrived at NUMA, there was no CFO, no accounting system. The accounting was outsourced with Quadrates. We encountered integration problems between all the tools and systems (expense reports, HRIS). The NetSuite consultant had to bring coherence between all this! 

At Dig mind, it is the limits of the use of Excel that drives the adoption of an NETSUITE. The administrative and financial management was done only on this software but “even if it works very well at the beginning, the big flaw of Excel lies in the reliability of the data. There is no way to verify the figures in a tangible way. .. With our growth of 20-30% per year and therefore challenges and a rapidly increasing volume of data, setting up a NetSuite ecommerce is becoming essential! 

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