Options For a Brown Flower Girl Dress

Everyone knows that fashion experiences all kinds of trends and changes in style, but one of the most appealing of them has been the reappearance of the color brown in special occasion clothes. This is particularly true where bridal “finery” is concerned, and even a brown girl dress is a popular choice.

Brown on a little girl? Actually the caramel and chocolate shades available are quite appealing and attractive when used in the silks and laces from which children’s dresses are made. Naturally, a brown flower girl dress is going to be cut in a way that is formal and which mirrors some elements of the bride’s dress. Additionally, almost all dresses in this hue will be accented with beautifully coordinating shades. The most frequent pairings are brown and pale pink, or brown and a pale sandy color.

Generally the base of a brown flower girl dress is given a very full and elegant cut that will usually rely on a full skirt with a crinoline or two beneath it, a basic bodice, and a massive coordinating sash and decorative band along the hemline. There are also very mature styles intended to mirror the same sort of elegant lines as the rest of the bridal party. Such a dress might have spaghetti straps, and less full skirt, but it will also usually have the hefty sash that gives the rich color of a brown girl dress the necessary measure of childlike color and whimsy.

Many brides get a little confused about choices in flower dresses simply because they do not know whether to match this little gown to their own bridal gown, or if they should coordinate the child with the wedding party. There are not any “rules” about the way in which the flower girl should be dressed, but it is best to coordinate her with at least one part of the bridal party. This does not mean that the bride who opts for a chocolate brown dress for the flower girl will have to dress the bridesmaids in brown too. In fact, the flower girl’s little dress might be a rich brown that coordinates with some feature of the men’s wedding clothes instead.

Remember too that a brown dress can hide a lot of problems such as stains, and if flower girl dresses are particularly young or extremely active, it may be a good idea to select the darker hue for their gowns.

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