How To Become a Shia Quran Teacher

As a Shia Muslim, it is necessary for us to learn the Quran and teach it to others. Anyone who is Shia and has the knowledge of Quran can become a Shia Quran teacher. However, it is not allowed for any Momin to teach the Quran without complete knowledge of Quran.  The person who teaches Quran is the best person. There is also a Hadith that the best person among Muslims is the one who learns the Qur’an and also teaches it to others. This hadith is enough to understand the value of a Quran teacher in Islam. It is in fact a motivation for all the Shia Muslims.

Benefits Of Teaching Shia Quran online

Teaching Quran has many benefits. You get great reward for it. For example if you teach one verse to some students, and they recite that verse in prayers, you will get the reward for it. You will get the reward for it as many times as people will recite it. There is also a Hadith about it that a person who spreads Quran knowledge to others will also earn the reward of the person who acts upon it.

Becoming a Good Shia Quran Teacher

In order to become a good Shia teacher, you must understand that how to be a role model for your students. A Quran teacher has the same responsibilities as of the normal teachers have. In case of Shia Quran online teaching, the teacher should be capable of delivering lectures based on Shia Quran education. If you want to be a good Quran teacher, you must have deep knowledge of Quran. Before giving every lesson, you have to prepare it first. At no cost you should be accountable of making mistakes in giving Quran lectures. This is because making mistakes is never acceptable. The teacher is responsible for teaching Quran to the students and he/she is also responsible for the moral grooming of the students. The most important thing is that it is not possible to become a good Shia Quran tutor without having great and clear understanding of the Quran.

As online Quran teaching is offered all across the world so the teachers should be educated. They must know English language in order to give lectures in English. They must also be proficient in reading Arabic.  Some Quran centers have very strict requirements in order to become a Quran tutor. They require Quran teacher to be a licensed Shia teacher. Sometimes you have to pass a very strict test before receiving ijaza to teach the Quran to the Shia Muslims.

Teaching Quran is a serious matter and a Quran teacher influences the students so it is very important to be knowledgeable.  Being proficient in speaking Arabic language is optional but if you know Arabic language then it would be a plus point for you.

For teaching Quran online, you can register yourself as an online Shia Quran tutor.  In this way you can become a Shia tutor for Quran education.

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