Psychological issues after coronavirus

As the world wide spread and deaths due to coronavirus has forced people to lock down and self-isolation, spreading fear of uncertainty in all aspects of life. Every country is facing many challenges and people are dealing with physical and psychological effects other than living while cutting off from society. In such deadly and uncertain situations these reactions are considered normal and natural.

The inconvenience of working from homes, practicing social distancing, unable to socializing, bars, restaurants, cinemas, have been affecting people mentally more. It is said that man is a social animal and self-isolation and social distancing may generate mental issues. The pressure of unknown creates stress and many experiencing new mental issues related to current global pandemic.

Population of all ages is affected physically and mentally during this pandemic. People with various health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory issues, allergies and weak immune system are more vulnerable to COVID-19. This news is very frightening for them. Some older people were already experiencing isolation can worsen their mental health.

Many countries are facing its own challenges and their health associations are providing information to psychiatrists and professionals on how to tackle with such people having new mental challenges due to pandemic.

If a person is infected with virus, he or she is advised to self-isolate that is to stay home for 14 days because it took at least two weeks to show symptoms and can infect other with close contact. That is why the slogan ‘stay home stay safe’ is being emphasized these days. Some may love to isolate but majority people cannot handle the idea of living cut-off from their loved ones and outside world.

Staff working for coronavirus disinfection company too face psychological issues during cleaning and sanitizing procedures. The pandemic situation is frightening and alarming for them as it is a big responsibility to save people from virus. They are under lot of pressure as job is exhausting and physically demanding.

Children are helpless and they look towards their parents, guardians and caregivers for answers and explanations and parents having not enough information are helpless to share with them. Some children have to stay in isolation with abusive household. Doctors said that some mental disorders are sometimes life-threatening.

For mental therapies, e-therapy and e-counseling services are available to remain in touch and having sessions with the patients and their families. Researchers claimed that mental disorders are sometimes more harmful than physical illness and can cause death.

However here are some points which can help in self-isolation:

  1. Strong immune system helps to fight physical diseases as in the case of coronavirus. We must boost our immune system by doing exercises daily and getting proper vitamins.
  2. For some people self-isolation can lead to mild mental issues like depression or anxiety. Some may face problems with memory or concerning or feel irritation or sleeping disorder. Every person may not be able to work from home due to job nature and feel demotivated or restlessness or sadness.

To fight with such emotions people must set schedule for meal time and bed time and other activities to remain on track. Setting goals can help in keeping motivated and relieve stress.

  1. Loneliness can cause depression. Stay in touch with your friends, relatives on phones, send emails and chat on social media.
  2. Avoid conflicts and argument during isolation.

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