Summer reading list

I got my package last morning. I ordered some books online from

I will name some of my favorite books and review them as I bought them on the behalf of some online and verbal reviews.

First listing them down:

HER by Pierre A Jeanty

HER vol.2 by Pierre A Jeanty

The sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur

How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

HER by Pierre A Jeanty:

So about this author, he has some really good collection of books. He writes about pain, respect, motivation, emotions and more other things that will touch your soul once you read his quotes from other books. Man or women he respects them in the same way. I got two books HER and the 2nd book of HER as well. If you’re someone who really enjoy quotes and poetry than you will definitely enjoy his books and I enjoy reading quotes and poetry. It’s inspiring as a writer. Like I enjoy adding some of other authors spices into my own writing.

HER vol.2 by Pierre A Jeanty:

This book continues the last part where he left saying beautiful things about consistency and vulnerability. It’s honestly very soul soothing to read his poetry about women, how deep he respects every shape, language and aspect of women. I am impressed. After all these books I will definitely buy his new book APOLOGIES THAT NEVER CAME. This book has some amazing reviews as well.

The sun and he flowers by Rupi Kaur:

This woman is simply amazing. This is my second time buying her book because she writes directly with her heart and it’s hard to believe that she is such a strong woman she inspired me so much when I read her book milk and honey. What an honest book about emotions. I’m so much into her quotes and books never got a chance to read more hard copy books of her but I truly love her work. This book is all about true emotions and more about knowing self worth. Somewhere you will and somewhere she will hold you with her word. Offering emotions wrapped in words.

How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie:

Really needed this book as blogger and also wanted to try this sort of genre, reading napoleon hill lately, realizing people here have been through a very rough patches and hard times. The way the dealt with all the situation trust me reading is easy but going through a patch or time like that will truly shake every anxiety and lift all the depression you have. Being a bibliophile I really needed motivation because sometime you think why reading? Why not anything else, but trust me every other person go through this type of time. This book is quite helping with dealing hard and tough situations also give you some pro tips about how to involve in any conversation or how to win friends easily.

About the website:

I mostly order my stuff from this website but there is a reason why you should give it a try. As a blogger, I really have to maintain my profiles and social accounts by posting different and new stuff.  this website helped me so much I can’t buy brand new stuff sometimes but really want to get one so this website basically offers to compare prices of everything you want to buy. It’s a comparison website but I always shop through this and save so much money.

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