Eating Healthy and Ordering Healthy Catering

Restaurants and catering business all across America are embracing the farm to table movement. No matter where you live you can find a variety of healthy options that are provided by local farmers and ranchers. Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs, cheeses and meat may have always been more abundant in the country where farms and ranches abound, but lately big cities are also embracing this change to fresh.

Metropolitan areas all across the United States are full of restaurants with chefs who understand the value of truly fresh ingredients. Space in big cities is limited but that does not prevent these open minded chefs from creating spectacular culinary creations with their own fresh herbs and produce. Many chefs are growing their own herb and vegetable gardens on roof top and patio gardens. Some Chicago loop restaurants are even adopting this trend.

Catering businesses are also jumping on the farm to table band wagon and creating meals for large and small catered events that focus around fresh and local food. Farmers markets are bringing farm fresh food to locations all across big cities. These are ideal locations for chefs and catering businesses to stock up on daily fresh produce. Many antibiotic free and all natural butchers are also showing up at farmers markets with pre-cut meat options. Free range farm fresh eggs are also available at nearly every farmers market in the city. This farmer’s market movement is bringing the freshest food to the people who normally would not have access to it.

People who are booking catering businesses for events have shown increased interest in farm fresh ingredients. They expect to have a tasting prior to booking and want to know that the food being served to their guests is fresh and flavorful. When booking a company for catering it is best to discuss the date of the event that will be catered and schedule a tasting a few weeks prior to that. Catering companies often require a deposit and a signed contract that will secure them as the food preparation and supply vender for the event.

If you are not sure where to find a local catering company, there is a surprising amount of resources to help steer you in the right direction. The first is word of mouth. You can ask friends, neighbors and co-workers about companies they have either hired or tasted. Another great way to find a farm fresh catering business or restaurant is to visit a farmer’s market. The farmers who provide the food are often given business cards to pass out or will have a great word of mouth recommendation. If you have a favorite restaurant that does not cater you can always ask them if they have a local catering company that they recommend.

Once you have settled on a catering company you will need to select a menu. Your menu may be buffet style or include three courses. Whatever you decide to do for your event you can rest easy knowing your guests will be enjoying farm fresh food that healthy and delicious.


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