The Importance of Incorporating SD-WAN Technology

SD Wan (Software-define wide-area network) is an application of software, networking technology that applies to WAN connections used to connect enterprise networks. SD Wan is most commonly used in branch offices and data centers. It is predicted that by the end of the year 2019, 30% of businesses will deploy SD-WAN technology. Using WANs allows companies to extend their networks over long distances, enabling them to remotely connect office branches to data centers. Usually when companies try to extend their networks between large distances, they will sometimes experience network congestion and service outages. One of the problems with WAN capabilities, is it can be expensive to expand, and they continue to face difficulties related to troubleshooting and network management. SD WAN applications are designed to help address these problems. It enhances and sometimes replaces traditional branch routers with virtual appliances that allow you to control the application level policies and supports multiprotocol label switching. This allows branch personal an easier setup process. It can be remotely placed in a branch office or a corporate data center. SD WAN technology continues to play an important part in the world of telecommunication.

SD-WAN technology can be a bit confusing for those who aren’t familiar with it. It ensures your company the best performance and security with real-time monitoring. The eBook, sd wan for dummies will help you better understand the importance of incorporating SD-WAN technology.

Branch offices, cloud environments, and remote locations continue to increase the amounts of date being transferred among date centers. This root of this issue is data analytics, media traffic, and the growing demand for data storage. This creates traffic, which is why we need to optimize network performance, and the applications that run them. As network traffic continues to rise, administrators are seeing an increase in latency data transmissions. One of the benefits of SD WAN technology is deploying an automated network and management. Its virtual resources offer enhanced performance, accelerating delivery, while lowering total cost of ownership.

One of the benefits of incorporating SD-WAN technology is its inbuilt security protocols. It features an automatic provision for users, groups, organizations, zones, and sites requiring no physical boxes or coding. By encrypting WAN traffic as data travels from one location to another, it allows SD-WAN to minimize damage if a network breach occurs and will enable the administrator to detect potential attacks. It keeps high risk traffic from ever entering your network. Gartner, a leading research and advisory company estimate that security information spending will reach 114 billion by the year 2019. We continue to see a 7 percent increase in security information spending yearly.

As Network operating costs become a major concern, many businesses can benefit from incorporating SD WAN technology. The use of SD WAN technology allows you to remove expensive routing hardware, and provisioning connectivity services from the cloud. It also provides them increased flexibility that will allow your business to scale connectivity up and down. An estimated 82% of organizations have experienced network downtime as a result of manual configuration errors. SD-WAN technology allows the rapid deployment of WAN services, without the need of Information Technology personnel. Your company has likely faced some or all of the following challenges. By adding SD-WAN technology to your business, this will allow you to improve your efficiency.

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