TheProcess of HDD Diagnose for Data Recovery


The first step before the actual data recovery is always to assess the possibility of rescuing data based on the nature of the fault, the state of the media and its type. This input procedure is called diagnostics. After this process, the hard drive repair cost is determined.

The standard assessment or diagnosis of any of the data carrier is not charged. This free diagnosis is run from a few hours to two business days depending on the number of priority orders received under the priority mode.

In urgent cases, taking into account the nature of the defect, an expression diagnostics of the medium can be performed within about 2-3 hours or guaranteed diagnostics within 24 hours. The prices of these services are regulated in a valid price list for data recovery and related services.

It goes without saying that the diagnostics is non-destructive and non-invasive for the data carrier, that is, the hard disk (or any medium) is not opened or otherwise altered at the level of its own recording media. Therefore, if the facts and the acceptable options are not communicated to you after the diagnosis, you will be removing the data medium in its original, unaltered state.

Specialized diagnostics of a digital data carrier at flash drive repair service near me allow finding out and communicating the following information to the owner:

What is the chance to save your data?

This prognosis is based on the current state of the data carrier and its type. It also involves troubleshooting a given type of hardware with the type of failure. The determination of the forecast is limited by non-invasive implementation.

Data rescue price

It is only valid in case of success. Therefore, the reported data recovery fee is payable only if the data is restored to the satisfaction of the customer and he / she will want to recover the recovered data.

Assumed recovery time

The average data retention time is about 48 hours in some companies. Of course, it is understandable that complicated states, such as high capacity hard disk drives with combined damage, may require a significantly longer solution time

Whether disc (or other media) will open

It generally leads to a loss of warranty. The second fact is that in the case of hardware damage, successful data recovery is a top priority.

On the basis of the facts as described above, you (the customer) can decide completely arbitrarily on the procedure. If the facts are accepted, the data recovery work will begin on the permission of customer.

Otherwise, the data carrier will be handed over in its original state. In the case of sending a storage device to the shipping service, only related fees will be charged according to the applicable price list.