Ethnicity Symptoms and Political Nationalism inside Nigeria


Nigeria, the particular Giant regarding Africa, can offer her salient Political Nationalists. They may be sometimes referred to as “Freedomites”. Nearly all of our youngsters in Universities are continually reminded of these heroic accomplishments. But their particular evil deeds tend to be neglected. In reality, this write-up will argue which they all acquired an Ethnicity Symptoms, through the particular Tripartition policy with the British. Sadly, Nigeria today suffers the results and effects with this ethnicity syndrome on her political Nationalists. Nonetheless, to more buttress and also pitch clarity to the level we are usually driving with, it will be paramount to offer a to the point analysis of the very most concept regarding Ethnicity Symptoms.

Ethnicity Symptoms, metaphorically identifies a condition diagnosed to be able to those whoever actions and also judgements are usually influenced from the feeling of belonging to a distinct group. These types of people usually take their particular group or perhaps tribe as a possible authority, and also claim that their group is the better amongst other folks. Their activities and judgements tend to be influenced simply by this experience. Thus, on this sense, we could say they’ve got an ethnicity symptoms. Given this kind of backdrop, it really is expedient to look into the main length of this write-up.

Ethnicity (or perhaps tribalism) initial reared that head through the second Planet War. This conflict reduced the particular leadership efficiency with the Colonial Professionals in Nigeria, which often led with a period regarding great famine, inequality, self deprecation, and etc. As due to this, several teams were produced to appeal to the needs of these members. These kinds of groups contains; The Egba Community (1918), The particular Union regarding Ijebu Younger Men(1923), The particular Yoruba Union(1924), The particular Ibibio Express Union, etc. As due to a weak economy, lower security, lack of employment, and etc, these ethnic groups begun to compete against the other person in any socio-economic opposition. Each ethnic group can fight some other ethnic teams, to make certain it catches the eye of the will need of a unique members. It was now ethnicity, started to be a full-scale insurgency.

Moreover, the split inside the Nigerian Children’s Movement(NYM), that has been triggered simply by an ethnicity rift among Nigeria’s political Nationalists(Ikoli, Awolowo, Akinsanya and also Nnamdi Azikwe), also aided the matter of ethnicity in the united states. In rage, Nnamdi Azikwe directed his Igbo supporters out from the group, and also Obafemi Awolowo would same. Now, it is very safe to state that the particular educated elite inside the Nigerian Children’s Movement acquired an ethnicity symptoms, thus ultimately causing the collapse with the movement.

For that reason, the English introduction with the tripartite policy from the Richards metabolic rate of 1943, further exacerbated the matter of ethnicity in the united states. Through the particular Richards metabolic rate, Nigeria has been divided directly into three large regions; the particular northern location, the american region as well as the eastern location, which displayed the a few major tribes regarding Nigeria; the particular Hausa, the Yoruba as well as the Igbo respectively. Inside like way, the quite a few ethnic groups that had been formed ahead of that moment, were furthermore amalgamated to make the Egbe Omo Oduduwa community in london(1945), the particular Ibo express Union(1944), as well as the Jamiya Mutanen Arewa. Each and every also which represents the a few giant tribes inside Nigeria. “A negative situation in the country that has been suppose being united since one”(Jide Olanrewaju). However, having getting infected having an ethnicity syndrome that has been further reinforced from the British tripartition coverage, the effect with this ethnicity symptoms on Nigeria’s political Nationalists, has been soon to be able to surface.

Given that other Photography equipment countries acquired commenced the particular fight regarding political freedom, it was not surprising that Nigerian knowledgeable elites(Awolowo, Azikwe, etc) begun to fight regarding political freedom. This has been further aided if the Richards metabolic rate of 1943 legalised the particular politicisation regarding communal interactions. Hence, the Egbe Omo Oduduwa community became the particular Action Band of Nigeria(AG) inside 1951 went by Awolowo, the Igbo express Union started to be the Countrywide Council regarding Nigeria as well as the Cameroon(NCNC) inside 1944 went by Azikwe, as well as the Jamiya Mutanen Arewa started to be the Upper People’s Congress(NPC) inside 1951 went by Ahmadu Bello.

At some point, Nigeria became an unbiased Nation inside 1960, as well as the first Republic started. Unfortunately, the particular chain regarding tribal activities that ensued just before independence, generated the too much corruption, nepotism and also mismanagement regarding public funds inside the first republic. “The N . wanted to be sure they stayed in strength, the To the south wanted to be sure it felt power”(Jide Olanrewaju). Now, the effect of your ethnicity symptoms, suffered simply by Nigeria’s political nationalists, begun to actualize. Their particular actions and also judgements have been clouded. They will took hpye, corruption and also nepotism, since virtues. Obviously we were holding all consuming an ethnicity symptoms. In reality, Nigeria has been completely inside shambles, through the first Republic. Subsequently, this shambling ambiance swept the particular army directly into power, and have been directly in charge of the initial Nigerian Coup. Now, Nigeria has been still redeemable. Yet that desire was destroyed when Basic Muritala Ramat Muhammad, took strength for himself minus the consideration of your due method as finished with Generals Ironsi and also Gowon. In reality, a labeled US memorandum regarding August 20, 1975, argued in which Muritala’s actions will cause other coups and also illegitimate take-overs. Sadly, the labeled US memo has been correct. Hence began the particular downfall regarding Nigeria.

The political nationalists dealt a critical blow for the first Republic. Being consuming an ethnicity symptoms, they have been directly in charge of the political tragedy with the first republic. Although they provided Nigeria the girl political freedom, they nonetheless betrayed in which independence because of the corrupt deeds inside the first republic. It really is quite unfortunately that individuals even the particular faces of the people around the Nigerian Naira forex. The Several Naira take note, for illustration, has the facial skin of Tafawa Balewa, who was simply responsible for your corrupt procedures, mismanagement regarding funds as well as the rigged federal government elections regarding 1964. The 20 or so naira note even offers the confront of Muritala Muhammad, whose action generated the future coups and also illegitimate countertop coups inside Nigeria. Hence, plunging Nigeria directly into several many years of armed service dictatorship. Usually the one hundred naira note even offers the confront of Obafemi Awolowo, who was simply power-thirsty and also became the particular minister regarding finance generally speaking Gowon’s program. How would certainly someone which ushered inside democratic rules in Nigeria, turn into a minister regarding finance in the completely undemocratic program? That shows simply how much he wanted to be in power. Moreover, the 2 hundred naira note gets the face regarding sir Ahmadu Bello, any Sarduana regarding Sokoto, who started to be the oppressor with the middle belt region inside the first republic. Last but not least, the Five-hundred naira note gets the face regarding Nnamdi Azikwe, whose decision to just accept and approve the consequence of the 1964 rigged political election, contributed for the political tragedy with the first republic.

My own point will be, though these kinds of educated elites produced some optimistic achievements, their particular evil accomplishments, however, out there weights their particular good accomplishments. It is fairly ironic the same those who were in charge of the collapse with the Nigerian Children’s Movement, were also in charge of the collapse with the First Republic. That shows the particular extent to be able to which these kinds of nationalists endured an ethnicity symptoms. Their activities and judgements were inspired by ethnicity. Hence, we can easily say each of them had a great ethnicity symptoms. “The identical people whom most of us praise, will be the same people in charge of the issues of Nigeria today”(Elemoro Babatunde Bashir). The initial republic inside Nigeria was an obvious indication in which her knowledgeable elites, which ushered inside democracy, are not what they manage to portray. Each of them had a great ethnicity symptoms. This was exactly why the innovative coup regarding Majors Kaduna Nzeogwu, Emmanuel Ifeajuna and also Adewale Ademoyega, was performed, though we were holding not productive.