Infocert, the top European Digital Trust Service Provider

InfoCert has now become a guarantee in the offer of digital services on the market. It is no coincidence that he has earned the title of first Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) in Europe for accreditation for the issuance of LEI (Legal Entity Identifiers) codes. It is a very garancy an European trust service provider of Infocert.


InfoCert is now ahead in terms of the services offered. Today, in fact, it can operate in the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) as a Local Operating Unit (LOU) authorized to issue Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI). LEIs are 20-character alphanumeric codes, mandatory for some legal entities operating on the financial markets, whose identity must be certain. But let’s take a step back and establish what digital trust is and how Infocert makes it available to those who need it. There is talk of Digital Trust to refer to all the IT solutions useful for implementing the concept of digital identity and process dematerialisation according to the applicable legislation (including the new European eIDAS legislation). the products and services that digital trust includes are very varied.

For example we find certified electronic mail (PEC), electronic preservation. But also digital signature, electronic invoicing and solutions for the secure and simplified transmission of legal and financial documents. Thanks to the concept of digital identity, it is possible to obtain a virtual transposition of the real identity that can be used during electronic interactions with people and machines and for which certification is needed to make these interactions legally valid. The Digital Trust Business Unit provides its advanced solutions through the companies InfoCert.


In this way, a company of infocert reach makes all the knowledge, skills and technological capabilities available to bring within another company not only a lot of innovation but also an added value on the customer’s business processes. And in fact, thanks to the digital trust services, end to end solutions are in place that can operate on different fronts of the market. In this way, a sort of verticalization of the solutions is guaranteed according to the different business needs and ensuring their legal validity, in line with the European eIDAS Regulation and sector regulations. The business thus changes its scope and definitively converts to digital processes, remote with full legal validity. Our consultants, compliance experts and BPR, leveraging on technological and regulatory evolution. This is a technological innovation that is now also used in the public administration sector and destined to grow even in the following months.

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